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Behaviour Management Software

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The behaviours of service users are constantly being monitored and then recorded for effective decision-making by professionals, family members, case workers, or care givers. These records enable everyone involved in the care of the individual to provide the best care decision for each service users.

Bemos application electronically create/raise incidents report which is seamlessly forwarded through a workflow to the required designated signatories for approval, all the information is collated in the background to produce on screen summary reports and graphs providing an at-glance snapshot of the service user’s behaviour patterns over a given period.

Reporting Made Easy

The application is designed to be the most user-friendly web-based application in the monitoring and analysis of challenging behavioural incidents at all levels

The user interface provides an ease in recording incidents to the most detailed level along with an incident search functionality ranging on criteria such as dates of incident, name of service user, home, or any other preferred search option.

Reports and Graphs

The application produces layered graphical reports from service user level , institution and organisational level. This can be designed to your requirements if required.

The application also produces layered graphical reports of incident classifications, giving you information to manage your home better.

The application is capable of producing reports on every saved incident, which are retrieved from a secured server and can be accessed from anywhere on the internet.

Workflow Approval Process

The application provides a workflow approval process thereby ensuring all incidents are processed and dealt with in accordance with the organisational procedures.

The application also produces reports and charts on historical incidents within a given time-frame and produces key performance indicators at all levels e.g. the total number of incidents in a home or organisation in January, broken down by types of incidents and number of incidents that required physical interventions.

The application electronically stores all records and reduce the need of paper records, thereby enhancing your effective analysis in key decision-making processes.

At Greenarch

We are particularly focused in the development of web applications with the aim of enhancing and enabling organisations working process so they can concentrate on their core competencies.

Bemos was developed to streamline the management and monitoring process of behavioural incidents and analysis.

We engage with our clients and continuously enhance the application to meet their specific and growing needs.

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